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10/1 Sunday Update
by posted 10/01/2023

Cheyenne Lacross Parents 

Great game today.   The players are developing a nice rhythm offensively and finding the open space.  We will continue to spend more time on defense, particularly while in transition, as well as ground balls.  Additionally, we are starting to see more confidence on the field from all of the players which is fantastic.  Going into the games next week we will be making it clear to the players that at least one game ball per game will be going to a defensive player to incentivize awareness on the defensive side of the field.

We have two games back to back next Sunday and both of the games will be in the afternoon.   In my experience the afternoon games tend to be a bit more challenging for the young ones so I will be asking all of the players to make sure to stay hydrated.  It may also be helpful for them to have easy access to some simple carbohydates or starches in between and during the games so feel free to leave something for your player on the sideline that they can dig into as needed.    

As s coaching staff and the extended coaching staff (that is you parents) I think that we can really be pleased with the development thus far this season and I look forward to the growth ahead.  As always please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns and I look forward to seeing you all this week.   Thank you for supporting the players and the team it does not go unnoticed.  

Thank You




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9/24 Sunday Update
by posted 09/24/2023

Cheyenne Parents 

Really great game today from your players.   Lot's of fun, hustle, and improved field awareness.  I look forward to the continued celebration of the teams development and confidence.   Some thoughts below for the weeks ahead that I want you to be aware of...

At the strategic level we will continue to work on our transitions (which will likely be the core focus of the season) so we can expect a lot of Duke and West Genny drills in practice with the emphsis being on the former.   Additionally, we will start working more offense from the X position and idetifying clear and simple goals for what success looks like from that position.  

At the tactical level we will still be focusing on ground balls (MY BALL) and how to use your movement or dodges to get to a location on the field where you can shoot effectively (better angle of attack, creating space away from your defender, finding open space to recieve pass).  From a defensive perspective we will keep reinforcing keeping the sticks in the passing lane and marking up.  There are quite a few fun drills we will run in practice to help drive home some some of these concepts.     

I will be handing out small candy prizes to anyone who comes to practice with a signed note by their parents that wall ball has been practiced for at least 20 minutes a day.  This has been a fun incentive in the past but if you would prefer a different type of award I understand and we can accomodate that request just give me a heads up via email.   

We appreciate everyones support and look forward to another awesome week of lacrosse ahead.  

Thank You



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Reid Walsh 
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