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by posted 09/28/2023


Couple of things-
The 4th grade coach has asked if we can switch games with him-I think it would be a good match for him, as he hasn't had the opportunity to play them. So I'm going to give him that game.
Also, I'd like to rearrange the line up for the other games. Please find that below, 
Thank you! 
Chey Mtn 4/5th vs Ranger 4/5th A    Field B-West 2:40:  PM   TIME CHANGE 
Gus, Colton, Henry A, Knox, Declan, Bode, Dom, Kirwin, Townie, Landon, Cooper B.
Chey Mtn 4/5th vs  Pikes Peak 4/5th A  Field B-West  2:00: PM   TIME CHANGE 10:40
Henry F., Wyatt, Knox, Bode, Dom, Townie, Declan, Kirwin, Hudson, Cooper C., Ericcson
Chey Mtn 4/5th vs Ranger 4/5th A    Field B-West  12:40 PM TIME CHANGE 12:00
Gus, Colton, Landon, Henry A. Wyatt, Townie, Henry F.,Cooper C., Cooper B.,Bode,  Ericsson
Feel Free to reach out with questions!
Thank you, 

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