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Important Schedule Update
by posted 09/24/2022


It was brought to my attention that I provided erroneous information regarding tomorrow's schedule and I wanted to get a note out now to clarify.    Tomorrow we will have only two games; 11:00 vs the Patriots, 12:00 vs Pikes Peak.  THERE IS NO 10:00 GAME AND NO 1:00 GAME.  Also just for clarificaiton we will only be fielding 1 team this year and all the kids are on it.  Also we will be at the same fields that we were at on 9/18.  Thank you for your continued feedback and guidance and please reach out to me anytime with questions or concerns.  Email is great but if you need an immediate reply please text me at 614-477-6041. 

Thank You


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Game Schedule and Practice Update
by posted 09/22/2022

Good Afternoon Team 

I wanted to provide a update on the game schedule moving forward as well as practice today.


Regarding the schedule it looks like the 1:00 game against Pikes Peak will be canceled this weekend and we will only have the 10:00 and 11:00 games.  The rest of the schedule is being modified to prevent there being 3 games in 1 day.   At a max we will have 2 games in a weekend and a game is being lined up for the week of Oct 9 where we are currently scheduled to scrimage ourselves.  Eric (League Admin) should have this baked shortly and I will send out an updated schedule once complete.  

For practice today I understand that the conditions may not be optimal so please feel free to make whatever decision is in your family's best interest.  Unless the field is completely under water or there is lightning we will move forward.   I will not be able to be on the field as early as I usually am today and may run a couple of minutes behind but Ido not anticiapte this being an issue.  I only bring it to your attention since the field will be locked until I get there.  

Please shoot me a text if you have any questions or concerns.  

Thank You



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Schedule Update
by posted 09/16/2022

Good Morning Team 


I wanted to provide you an update on our schedule and in particular on our game this weekend.  We will be playing Pikes Peak on Sunday at the scheduled 1:00 time.  The whole team will be playing in this game and this will be a great indicator of how we can orgainze the roster (fielding two seperate teams, rotating groups or lines in games, etc..) to maximize the amount of time players have on the field.  

I wanted you to know that I share your frusration regarding some of the scheduling ambiguity and challenges but will be in direct communication with the league organizer level set expectations and make sure that every player and family is set up for success.

For the game I have a couple of asks: 

- Please show up at least 30 early so that we can get organized and suit up.   

- If your child does not already have their name on their helmet at the visor (athletic tape and sharpie) please do this.  

As always the intent is to make sure everyone can play and have fun and that no one is left out.  I really appreciate anyone who has provided feedback and encourage everyone to reach anytime as needed.  

Thank You




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Fall Schedule/In Progress
by posted 09/14/2022


Good Morning Team 

Below I have outlined the schedule that is currenlty in place for our Fall season.   Please note the following before revieiwng the dates and times: 

1) All games are currently scheduled to be played El Pomar E South. 

2) The games will more than likely be 5v5 instead of 7v7

3) You will notice that the first game as well as the game on 10/9  is against ourselves.  I am currently in the process of adddressing this and will provide additional guidance as it becomes available.  

4) In isntances where we play the same team back to back (9/25) we will more than likely be playing different age groups in each game.   If that is the case we will have the players broken into pods so that different players see the field in each game.

5) As this continues to be refined I will be sending out notes to the team.  


9/18- Cheyenne vs Cheyenne 1:00 PM 

9/25- Cheyenne vs Patriots 11:00 AM 

9/25- Cheyenne vs Pikes Peak 12:00 PM 

9/25 Cheyenne vs Pike Peak 1:00 PM 

10/2- Cheyenne vs Rangers 11:00 AM

10/2- Cheyenne vs Patriot 12:00 PM

10/2- Cheyenne vs Ranger 1:00 PM 

10/9- Cheyenne vs Cheyenne 1:00 PM 

10/16- Cheyenne vs Patriots 11:00 AM 

10/16- Cheyenne vs Pikes Peak 12:00 PM 

10/23- Denver Festival (TBD)


Please reach out to me direclty with any questions or concerns.  

Thank You



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