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Change Team: 
Practice is a GO~
by posted 04/19/2021

 See you 5:15-6:25

 Have your player dress warm!


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Practice this week and potential game change
by posted 04/19/2021



The weather this week is a mess--While I am not really a fair weather coach, in the climate we currently live in, I don't want to risk someone getting a head cold and that being misinterpreted as Covid--and suddenly we are all quarantined.  

Practice tonight 5:15-6:25-- However if it is really raining and not drizzling I'll need to cancel- I'll let you know no later than 3:00 if I cancel it.  Hold tight for WED- If I cxl it I will let you know by 3:00. THURSDAY is on. 5:15-6:25


Thank you, 


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by posted 04/16/2021


All games for 4/17 are re-scheduled for Sunday 4/25 so, no games this weekend due to field conditions. 

Please get some wallball, shooting, and/or partner passing in this weekend. 

If you have time please find one of the following NCAA Lacrosse games on TV. Watch your position and see how they play. Notice how "big" the offense is in relation to the restraining box, notice how tight the defense is in relation to the offense. 


Virginia v Utah ESPNU 


** BIG GAME ALERT** Maryland #3 v Ohio State #13 5:00 EST Big10 Network



Have a good weekend. 

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ROLL CALL!! Important
by posted 04/15/2021

Parents this weekend we have a doubleheader. However one of the Goldcamp classrooms has been quarantined, so we will be down three players. In addition one other player is traveling. I need to know if your player excluding those I mentioned before is unable to make it to the games this weekend. With three quarantined and one traveling that only leaves us with three subs barring everyone on the roster shows up to play. Please let me know as soon as possible if I need to reschedule these games.

Thank you, 


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Practice This Week!
by posted 04/12/2021



Practice this week is Monday 6-715 and Wednesday 6-715 NO PRACTICE THURSDAY!

On Wednesday, there will be a HS team on the field until 6:00. Please do not step on the field during their practice. 

You can get dressed and be ready to start at 6:00, but we need to be mindful of what is happening around us and the team on the field, as to not disrupt their time. 

Thank you!


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